1 year ago

What does your little one eat?

I need help. I feel like I have been giving my baby girl too much chicken. But that’s the only protein she would actually eat. She’s so picky. But she does like her vegetable and her favorite meal is lentils. Plz share any recipes or links or what you feed your toddler. Anything will help.
What does your little one eat?

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4 days ago

My 2 year old son only likes bacon or sausage he don’t care for chicken or any other meats 😩 he still gets protein from his milk but he’s a very picky eater smh

5 days ago

lentils are a good source of protein.. my kid doesn't like meat either. only fruits and veggies. i hated vegetables and only ate chicken nuggets til i was like 12 and now i eat everything including sashimi and escargot 😂

7 days ago

@Paula chicken and lentils sound good to me... we do some hard boiled eggs, yogurt, mac n' cheese, quinoa, and even peanut butter for some of our proteins.

25 days ago

My toddler is 21 months and eats a full size dinner. Any meals I’m cooking for myself he will have on a small scale and a yogurt/frozen yogurt lolly for desert x

26 days ago

Soil, sponges anything he isn't supposed too

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