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  • Federal Way, United States
  • about 1 month ago

When did you start going back to the gym?

I am 3 weeks postpartum with my second and want to start working out again. The only thing holding me back is that I don’t want to leave him at the gyms daycare. I bring my son out in public, but I don’t let strangers get too close to me. For all the crazy fitness addicted moms did you wait? I know that I could do stay at home work outs and walk outside, but I’ll be honest I am not going to do that. Before baby life I was a fitness freak and when I work out I like to go to the gym.
  • D
  • FL, US
  • about 1 month ago

3 months when the d Aycare was availble

  • N
  • NJ, US
  • about 1 month ago

I went 6 months after he was born then I started working out at home.

  • K
  • ENG, GB
  • about 1 month ago

2 weeks post partum for me

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  • OK, US
  • about 1 month ago

The second I hit 3 weeks but I would try to go on little walks all the time before that!

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  • VA, US
  • 3 months ago

9weeks PP from my c section and I still haven’t yet

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