Should I grow it?

Hi mums- so I recently got a pixie cut 4 months postpartum. I already had thin hair and it thickened up whilst I was pregnant (see Christmas picture in comments). However, it started falling out in clumps. I cut it short but have had some negative comments on it. Which looks better in your opinion? It’s slowly starting to grow back, which is something positive at least
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Tbh both are good. The PP hair loss is awful I know. I have really long hair and honestly I want to cut it off myself 😭 zx

Idk I’m really diggin the short hair! You honestly look amazing either way though 😁 rock the short hair girlfriend 💕 have fun with it!

I think you can rock either one honestly, but I think it looks really good grown out. Do whatever makes you feel good Mama! What's most important is what makes you feel most like yourself 💕

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