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I have taken a break from the zoom meets they were a lot of work and I wasn't getting the turnout I was getting back in October. I might try again in a couple months or I might limit them to once a month or every other week. It was too much work for little participation. They will happen again, just not right now, my life is super busy due to getting near the end of the school year. I need to devote more time to my class kiddos to keep them from falling behind. My 9mo is also now up and mobile and getting into trouble so the little bit of free time I have is spent keeping her out of trouble or making food for my 2.5 yo who seems to be going through a very large growth spurt and basically eating full meals every 2 hours. My house has gotten very busy and there is a lot of lack of sleep. Thank you for your understanding.
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If there is another person who thinks they can do circle time zooms, let me know and I can make you an admin. Circle time is basically the same kinds of games you would play with your classroom, it's so moms can feel like kids again. Their kids are welcome to join if they have their own device or can join with their mom, it's family friendly. It would be nice to alternate weeks with someone else.

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