4 years ago

Struggling to get fit

Okay so I still breastfeed, and I'm CONSTANTLY starving. I struggle to ever feel full. But also, I have 20-25lbs to lose. I just want to get back into shape. I just don't have the motivation 😫 ugh. Please let me know what you've done to get back into shape and how you've found the motivation! I just want to feel good again. Also not to mention, I can't seem to steer clear of sweets and treats 😳😬 There's going to be a burn boot camp opening soon around the corner from me and I'm hopeful that I can get into that.
Struggling to get fit

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25 days ago

Any luck?

3 months ago

Protein will help fill you up.

10 months ago

I use the FitOn app its amazing 🤩

1 year ago

I used fitness pal to count calories. I put in my goal and it told me how many calories to eat and then I added 500 calories because that’s how much breastfeeding burns a day usually. I started going on walks but it was mainly the calorie counting that helped me because I have portion control issues. Also, it worked for me because I could still eat sweets, just not huge portions. I lost 30 pounds doing it and unfortunately I’ll have to do it again because im pregnant and gained a lot during pregnancy. Dieting sucks! Another thing that helped me was I found a group of people who wanted to diet it with me and we all put $20 in… whoever lost the biggest percentage after 3 months won all the money ❤️.

1 year ago

Joe wicks was great for me (pre pregnancy) and so many breastfeeding mum's on there they have a little online support group. The food is pretty amazing for a 'diet' to be honest. And 3 hours exercise a week is something that with a wee bit of planning you can squish in. I'll be doing it again post baby :)

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