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Struggling to get fit

Okay so I still breastfeed, and I'm CONSTANTLY starving. I struggle to ever feel full. But also, I have 20-25lbs to lose. I just want to get back into shape. I just don't have the motivation 😫 ugh. Please let me know what you've done to get back into shape and how you've found the motivation! I just want to feel good again. Also not to mention, I can't seem to steer clear of sweets and treats 😳😬 There's going to be a burn boot camp opening soon around the corner from me and I'm hopeful that I can get into that.
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I need help to eat healthy

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While breastfeeding I was SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. As soon as I quit I dropped weight πŸ˜‘πŸ™„. Low fat Greek yogurt, granola and fruit used to be the most healthy filling night time snack and help curb cravings and over snacking. TONS of water! Those things helped me

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  • 5 months ago

Find more filling carbs. Breastfeeding is an extra 600 calories a day. If you have the time track you macros and weight your foods to give yourself a better ideas of how your nutrition is. Diet is always the first thing to get into check or you won’t have any energy to workout and you won’t recover well after you do work out. I have been on and off working out for a last two years. It’s okay to have ups and down but the longer you keep with it the faster you bounce back after you slack. Having measurable and realistic goals helps me.

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Also following πŸ™πŸ’œ

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Hey lovely. I started Herbalife and feel great! And I’m happy with the difference I’m seeing. I also walk with my pram really quickly around the park x

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