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  • Warrenton, USA
  • 6 days ago

Struggling to get fit

Okay so I still breastfeed, and I'm CONSTANTLY starving. I struggle to ever feel full. But also, I have 20-25lbs to lose. I just want to get back into shape. I just don't have the motivation 😫 ugh. Please let me know what you've done to get back into shape and how you've found the motivation! I just want to feel good again. Also not to mention, I can't seem to steer clear of sweets and treats 😳😬 There's going to be a burn boot camp opening soon around the corner from me and I'm hopeful that I can get into that.
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  • West Haven, United States
  • a day ago

Hey Soon to be fit mama, let me start by saying your not alone! And we all want our bodies back! Breast pumping and feeding has helped me a lot as well as wearing a belly bandit, that’s the name of the actual brand! But other wise I had a Section so can’t really work out how I want to anyways, but what areas of your body are trying to target Mines as of now is just my belly 🤗

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  • Bracknell, United Kingdom
  • 2 days ago

I do a lot of walking, I get out every day for at least a hour, plus circuits outside with friends and the babies and running. But I think it’s my walking that’s helping me as I only run 1/2 times a week. If you plan to meet someone then you won’t have a excuse not to go.

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  • Bell Canyon, United States
  • 2 days ago

Carnivore diet. Low to no carbs. Steaks, ground beef and eggs.

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  • Colton, United States
  • 2 days ago

I haven’t read anything above but this is what I’ve done in the past. Start looking for easy 500 cal recipes for quick meals. Start with breakfast. I do eggs and turkey or regular bacon. Watch the sodium, that bloats you. Try to do stuff that’s filling. I like almond butter on whole grain with a sliced banana. Keeps me full for a while. I use to keep track of meals on MyFitnessPal and that helped me a lot. Sometimes, when you look at all the crap you’ve been eating you lose your appetite for more crap. They have so many recipe apps now, it’s easier to meal prep and plan for a healthier lifestyle. Educate yourself on food and how your body breaks it down. Try to eat clean. My husband and I get into it when we shop for food. I don’t like to eat processed food and noticed that I feel so much better when I eat better. He’s starting to say “I need to eat better” and “it felt good not to eat meat today” 😂 I also find that I’m better at eating my veggies in chicken soup and it gets rid of veggies in the fridge.

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  • 3 days ago

Hey cutie mama 🤗I know the struggle can be real, I had my first baby five months ago.. I was super active and had a pretty great diet for the most part pre-pregnancy but when I got pregnant I was SO SICK the whole entire pregnancy, what I could keep down wasn’t always the healthiest (seems like I lived off McDonald’s frenchfries alottt hahah) but I also gained around 50 lbs 🙈I’ve just been giving myself grace with all of this for sure but once I gave birth I immediately felt sooo much better!! 6 weeks post partum I started working out from home and it has been so much fun, sometimes my little guy gets fussy but I’ll just modify while holding him! I’ve managed to drop 25 lbs in the first 3 months and I’ve been feeling sooo great 😍I’ve been making an extra effort to wake up earlier if possible to give myself that time for ‘me’ and it has all really helped so much! I think this all plays a factor in healthy eating too, I’ve found food prepping and having the good stuff on hand helps keep me accountable 🙌🏼

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