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  • Warrenton, USA
  • a year ago

Struggling to get fit

Okay so I still breastfeed, and I'm CONSTANTLY starving. I struggle to ever feel full. But also, I have 20-25lbs to lose. I just want to get back into shape. I just don't have the motivation 😫 ugh. Please let me know what you've done to get back into shape and how you've found the motivation! I just want to feel good again. Also not to mention, I can't seem to steer clear of sweets and treats 😳😬 There's going to be a burn boot camp opening soon around the corner from me and I'm hopeful that I can get into that.
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  • ID, US
  • 4 days ago

Hey!! I’ve done beachbody on demand! Which is the Netflix of workouts at home. I can help you find a plan. They are 30 min at home workouts and you get plugged into an online support group along with meal plans and nutritional support. Message me for more

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  • 5 days ago

Be careful what products you use while breastfeeding

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  • Hellertown, USA
  • 12 days ago

I also am still breastfeeding and I was told that since my milk is not high in fat that I am one of the unlucky ones that don't lose weight while breastfeeding. I have struggled losing weight. I do if I eat 0 sugar, high protein and work out every single night for a half hour+...but I have to confess I can't live my life that way. Holidays, crazy schedules and low income do not help me to eat healthy. I lost 36lbs, gauned back 20, lost 10. I go up and down a lot. Been breastfeeding for 2 1/2 years straight now.

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  • 4 months ago

I need help to eat healthy

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  • 6 months ago

While breastfeeding I was SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. As soon as I quit I dropped weight 😑🙄. Low fat Greek yogurt, granola and fruit used to be the most healthy filling night time snack and help curb cravings and over snacking. TONS of water! Those things helped me

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