1 year ago

Nicu Mom Finding It Hard To Cope

Currently 36 days into our Nicu stay and finding it hard to cope with the fact that she may be there for several more weeks . All I want to do is bring her home. I live 2 hours away and I don’t have much family in the area that my daughter is in . Having to leave her and the uncertainty of when I’ll see her next every week is taking a toll on me. Just need a bit of encouragement from moms who have had or currently have babies in the nicu. Final update on this post: So many moms are still giving encouragement and sharing their stories on this post. I’m leaving this post up for any mom who is currently going through NICU life or those who may in the future. Small update on babygirl . I have had my sweet girl home for almost 5 months now. She is thriving and growing so fast. She’s still behind with her weight but it’s no big deal. We are still going to the ophthalmologist for ROP and are potentially going to look into her having lasik surgery. A bit nervous about that. She finally passed her hearing test in her right ear. The left still has a bit of fluid but nothing to be concerned about. Soo yea just wanted to update this post again since it’s still getting a lot of love and encouragement. Once again thank you to every single one of you who has commented and love this post throughout this journey with my sweet girl. I really appreciate it. Virtual hugs and kisses ❤️ . Picture update of the sweet girl! ❤️
Nicu Mom Finding It Hard To Cope

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1 month ago

Omg I remember they had to keep my baby in the Nicu for two weeks I was so devastated I couldn't even go see him the first two days and I requested to leave the hospital a day earlier then they suggested I felt I failed my son as his mom but my hubby reminded and reassured me that him being in the Nicu was the best thing for him too let him get all the free baby formula and antibiotics he need so he could be able to come home STRONGER THEN EVER !!!! And since his home coming I never regretted im thankful my baby is still going strong with no problems since birth... it also gave us two more weeks of quiet time IM GLAD EVERYTHINGS GOING GREAT FOR YOU GUYS GIVE HER A BUNCH OF CYBER HUGS AND KISSES

1 month ago

At one point because we knew it was well taken care of and had 24/7 care monitoring him and I was can call to get updates. We use those days for rest or go out on dates before baby arrives at home. I felt guilty of course but I also needed my mind to not only focus on baby also on myself

1 month ago

Hey, I am also a nicu graduate momma! My son was born at 30 weeks prematurely 2 pounds and 2 ounces. He stood for 2 months in the nicu. It was devastating to see him in tubes and all. It was depressing going down to see him everyday. I had to be strong mainly for him cause he needed his parents. It was draining even though he wasn’t home with us. I was always worrying and I had to recover from emergency c section. We also didn’t have anyone no family nor friends we lived in Florida at that time. The only support I literally just had my husband and also was going through postpartum to top it off. I was a hot mess. I learned so much in the nicu how to ask the right questions and stand our ground when something didn’t seem right or wasn’t informed to us in advanced. Being a first time mom is a scary thing especially since I already miscarried before my son. So seeing him in the hospital re- triggered me. Idk how my husband and I made it. We kept our faith. We also didn’t go everyday

1 month ago

I seen that you have brought your baby home I Completely understand my little did 52 days between two nicus and we were 45 Mins from the second one but we were able to get into the Ronald McDonald house at that time he will be 3 in December but he was a 34weeker

1 month ago

1st time my boy was born at 26 weeks

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