4 years ago

Helpful Toddlers

My kiddo wants to help me with everything which is super adorable and awesome but sometimes challenging. What are some ways you have your 2-3 year olds help with household chores that don’t undo the work you’ve done? 😅 Right now we have her dry off non glass dishes, butter pans when we need it, put clothes in the washer and dryer, and sweep but she always wants to be in thick of the action so to say lol. In other words she’d rather be the one washing or cooking but is too little to do that most the time. We don’t have a dishwasher so can’t have her help load and unload.
Helpful Toddlers

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7 months ago

My 2yr old helps with everything. He even operates the microwave by himself with supervision.

7 months ago


10 months ago

So adorable!

1 year ago

Enjoy it while you can my mom says. Once they hit the teen years you can’t get em to do anything 🤣💕

2 years ago

Look up "Montessori practical life skills for toddlers" on YouTube. It will show you a lot of different things and give some awesome advice.

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