4 years ago

Meal and Snack ideas

Hi ladies! I need help with meal ideas to help with milk production. I gave birth on November 30th and do not have a problem with pumping or breastfeeding. I just want to make sure my supply goes up. I am already drinking special tea that is specific to nursing. I am also not the best eater and tend to forget to have a meal because I am busy with a brand new baby. Please share what foods helped you! Thank you in advance.
Meal and Snack ideas

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5 months ago

Eat a good big lasagne 👍🏻

6 months ago

I think oregano too. I always felt like my milk was comin in when I put that in my food.

6 months ago

Oatmeal, PB & bananas. Also flaxseed & I think chia too??

11 months ago

anything with cinnamon in it.

1 year ago

Bodyarmor drink help me a lot

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