4 years ago

Tiger Stripes?

Okay mommas, at what point in your first pregnancies did you lovely ladies gain your tiger stripes?
Tiger Stripes?

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3 years ago

I woke up one day with them... I’m 28 and I not that big but yep I really don’t like them 😪

4 years ago

Offically post partum 2 months and my boobs are not longer what they used to be.. but they ARE longer. Welcome saggy twins with the matching purple stripes! So fun. These nursing bras ain’t helping either...

4 years ago

8 months

4 years ago

I didn’t get any through out my whole pregnancy but they showed up after I delivered and started shedding baby weight 🤷‍♀️

4 years ago

My first time around I only got two little strips but it wasn’t until the end, my daughter was small and I never got crazy big, second time around got a lot more around 3rd trimester

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