5 years ago

Bi-lingual, Tri-lingual, Where’s MY-lingual!?

Hey mamas. I speak Spanish, and my husband is French. We both make sure to speak our native tongues to our little girl. She goes to day care and speaks English there. No matter how often I speak and read Spanish to her, she uses not ONE WORD! She has some French words, and some English words, but NOTHING in Spanish! I’m trying not to take it personally but has anyone else had experience of this? Any tips?🙇‍♀️
Bi-lingual, Tri-lingual, Where’s MY-lingual!?

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1 month ago

Keep talking to her in Spanish. Even if she doesn’t say any words she’s absorbing and learning the language and she’ll end up speaking it. No te rindas. Even when she responds to you in English/French you just tell her “mamá no te entiende si no le hablas en castellano”.

1 month ago

Go to the library, they have plenty of books in Spanish. Take informations on best applications or TV programs for toddlers or children in spanish.

6 months ago

I speak russian, latvian and english. My partner is irish and i speak some russian to my daughter but mostly i speak english to her and so does he. She will learn spanish in school and irish so im not too pushed about russian as such. Once she is old enough ill send her to a russian tutor if she is happy to go and learn it.

6 months ago

My girls are 13, 15, and 17 and have a Spanish speaking father who rarely spoke Spanish to them until the last 5 years. I spoke my minimal broken Spanish to them continuously. They went to a Spanish immersion school through 7th grade and I’m very happy with their progress. Keep it up!! They absorb it all. Mine are completely bilingual. Don’t stop speaking your language to them. You may not see it now but you will in the near future. My oldest is thrilled to know two languages and has beginner Mandarin level speaking. My middle one has picked up French and Portuguese on her own.

6 months ago

Im brining our 6 week old son up bilingual (hopefully). Im a first language welsh speaker, and only speak welsh with our son and my husbands learning welsh. We live in Wiltshire. 🤗

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