Team Peanut
New York City, New York, US
1 year ago

New! Introducing Topics  👏

From new recipes to relationship chat, it’s amazing what you can find on Peanut. But sometimes, you want to discover content that matters to you. ➡️ Topics is a new way to customize your Peanut experience and navigate to more meaningful content and communities. The premise is simple. If you’re interested in a Topic, follow it. If you’re not, just unfollow. This helps us show you more relevant content in your feed.    To get started with Topics, keep your eyes peeled for an update on your app store, and then head to feed settings to customize yours. 📲
New! Introducing Topics  👏

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Fair Haven, Michigan, US
1 year ago

Great feature

1 year ago

Hi mums!!!! I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a tried and trusted maternity belt. I have a T4/5 injury and the further I get in my pregnancy, the more my sciatica catches. Need help!! 😘

1 year ago

I am 32 weeks and counting!

1 year ago

Just bring back the little "crystal ball" that showed you who waved to you.

Dartford, Kent, GB
1 year ago

Love it 😍 great 💡

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