• Emily
  • Saint Paul, United States
  • 10 months ago

Gifts for your Nanny!

What are some nice gift ideas for a nanny?Please share some ideas!! 🎄
  • C
  • CA, US
  • 3 months ago

The best gift I received as a Nanny was a day spa package and a bonus. It was a complete surprise. I cried, a lot. I had been with them for two years. I never expected anything, I just loved my job. A good Nanny becomes part of the family. Give what feels right to you.

  • C
  • Brule, USA
  • 8 months ago

So I've been caring for the same family (three kids) for 3 years, since the youngest was 3 months old. Those kids are my second kids and my kids consider them family as well. We exchange gifts for the kids and they normally give me about a weeks paid time off during Christmas while they're outta town, and then a little bonus. But I never expect anything. I'm grateful to have them and love the entire family more than words! I go above and beyond for the kids, and call the parents some of my closest friends.

  • V
  • Boston, United States
  • 9 months ago

I gave a week’s pay after working for less than 4 months but then she had to leave :(

  • J
  • WA, US
  • 9 months ago

I got mine an organic facial at the salon I go to.

  • N
  • Jones, United States
  • 9 months ago

Depends on your nanny. Cash was always good. One family I worked for gave me cash with Star Wars or Harry Potter legos every “gift giving” occasion (Christmas, my birthday, my work anniversary). It meant a lot to me.

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