4 years ago

Gifts for your Nanny!

What are some nice gift ideas for a nanny?Please share some ideas!! 🎄
Gifts for your Nanny!
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last year

I used to be a nanny and received designer handbags that ranged between $300-400 but never a weeks pay. I did get end of the year bonus which was a weeks pay. And I was grateful

2 years ago

I used to be a nanny. The best gift I ever got was a weeks pay and a bottle of wine. The extra weeks pay allowed me to take a few days to spend time with my family around the holidays.

3 years ago

What about a spa giftcard

3 years ago

Hamper of favourite things like wine, books, candles/wax melts and chocolate ect xx

3 years ago

The best gift I received as a Nanny was a day spa package and a bonus. It was a complete surprise. I cried, a lot. I had been with them for two years. I never expected anything, I just loved my job. A good Nanny becomes part of the family. Give what feels right to you.

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