Xmas shopping

Who finished their Xmas shopping? What are some Xmas shopping mommies you did for your kids? I finally got my girl her kitchen lol. Time for the next toy lol 😂
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Got lots of noise making toys and bath toys. Baby girl loves her bath!

For my daughters stocking I got her a T-shirt of her favorite Disney Princess, some my little pony socks, princess Sofia underwear, and a small toy. For big presents we got her a mermaid singing princess Sofia doll, some clothes she’ll love, dress up fancy nancy shoes since we know her aunt and uncle got her the dress up dress and feather boa. And a book she’s been asking for.

Got our little guy the Infantino ball pit - SO EXCITED for him to play in there🎄💕

My boyfriend went crazy for our daughters Christmas presents and got her a hundered things. So now I havent been able to get her anything cause shes already spoiled! I dont know what to put in our stocking Im thinking about using our left over Halloween candy!

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Good idea Erica! 😃 hey brandy maybe you could do that? Depending on the age of your daughter, I’m assuming maybe he got her toys lol so you can get her what she needs lol

Been done finally wrapped. Now i have been workin on my aons bday which is jan 10.

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