1 year ago

Pregnancy pillow in hospital?

Hello did anyone take their huge pregnancy pillow into hospital? Would you recommend it or is it better to leave it at home?
Pregnancy pillow in hospital?

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1 month ago

I didn’t but I wish I did cause the pillow at the hospital wasn’t that good

1 month ago

I went to the L&D a few weeks ago for contractions. And I’m glad I did because now I know what to bring. I was really thinking about bringing my pregnancy pillow but it’s too big. But I will definitely bring extra comfy pillows because the ones they have are so bad and thin. I had 4 pillows and they still weren’t as comfortable as the ones I have at home. I will also bring extra cozy blankets and a warm non slippery socks ( the one they give you sucks) and a nice robe. I was told by the nurse that I could wear my pajamas as long as they have easy access for anesthesia and iv. So now I’ll be prepared for when the real thing happens. Don’t rely on what they have to offer because it’s not comfortable at all.

4 months ago

I took mine, but I was in for 2 days before I had an emergency c section, and it was such a big help after my c section as I have one of the long ones so I could wrap it around me so it helped support me feeding baby x

5 months ago

I definitely brought mine. Our Dula encouraged us to create our own space. So I packed a dufflebag with our own blankets, pillows, oil defuser, massage oils/lotion and anything else that was easy to carry that would help create a calm home like environment. It's your birth and your experience, enjoy making it beautiful❤🧡💛💚💙💜

5 months ago

Sure did and my partner ended up using it when I wasn’t. We traded off because it helped us both sleep comfortably lol

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