Hampstead Town, Greater London, GB
5 years ago

Gotta have faith

My partner and I are from different faiths. We've always agreed that we would try and incorporate elements of both of our cultures into our little boy's life. Would be great to hear examples of how you mamas are dealing with anything similar, I don't want it to be confusing for him, and equally I want him to feel empowered to make his own choices when he is older. Share your stories with me.
Gotta have faith

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5 years ago

My fiance is Jewish by blood/religion and I just recently completed my conversion to Judaism. We will raise our sons with the Jewish holidays but will never force them to be Jewish. If they want to be Christian, then we will support them. If they want to be atheist, then we will support them. Ultimately it is their life and they deserve the right to practice whatever makes them feel the most comfortable.

5 years ago

My husband is Jewish and I am Catholic. We always said that we are in charge of teaching our children our own religions and they’ll get to choose which one they want to practice once they’re older. In the meantime we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Yom Kippur, Easter, Advent, Roshashannah... you get the picture. It is fun and we all learn.

5 years ago

My husband is an atheist, I'm pagan, and my daughter is Christian. My husband supports both of us. We learn and celebrate both sabbats and Christian holidays.

Manhattan, New York, US
5 years ago

Been thinking about this one babe as my father is jewish and my mother catholic. The best thing i can tell you is that i have always been drawn to the similarities between the two faiths versus their differences. Those are the values i hang on to and come back to. They are the most important ones anyway. ♥️

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5 years ago

I was raised under Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith and ultimately I realized they are all the same. It's made me more accepting of all cultures and I look beyond religion for community and friendship! Introducing gentle faith is perhaps a good idea through school/home. Start with story books that incorporate your faith of choice for bed time- helps set 'kind' reminders in life, in treatment of others and yourself!

Astoria, New York, US
5 years ago

We are "Jewthren" He's culturally Jewish and I was raised Lutheran. We are raising our son by celebrating all our favorite Holidays and have books on each one. We both believe in the power of the universe and want to introduce our son to all religion so he can ultimately make a decision for himself while still getting to hd on to our family traditions. I think talking about why you choose to believe is such a great gift. I find Daniel LaPortes White Hot Truth an amazing book for me in my own spiritual journey as well as helping me guide my son to his own. We also have made our own traditions. So we always celebrate Passover with friends who are mixed faith and still do a seder plate, but not the whole reading. And my husband always comes to Christmas Eve candlelight service as well as Easter morning. We also have lucked spiritual god parents although we have chosen not to baptize him.

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