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  • Stockton, United States
  • a month ago

Hair myths

I read hope this myth about how heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair is true because it’s the only thing making it bearable. At this rate he should have a full head of hair 😂
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  • Dallas, United States
  • 4 days ago

The good news is my heartburn was completely gone after she was born. There is a light!

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  • Eglin Air Force Base, United States
  • 10 days ago

I hate heartburn the worst, so bad at the end it make me throw up if I didnt urgently relieve it with tums or something. And my son came out with a full head of hair 🤷‍♀️😂. But you get heartburn during pregnancy because your esophagus doesnt close due to the hormones, so the acid just keeps coming back up exspecially if you're laying down after a meal

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  • Ellen Grove, Australia
  • 13 days ago

Nope super bad heart burn barley any hair I was devastated I thought he’d have sooo much hair but was practically bald!! Mix a spoon full of bicarbonate soda into a glass of water instant relief and mine got so bad I used to vomit after I found that it was heaven 🙌🙌

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  • Lehi, United States
  • 15 days ago

Total myth. My babe was super bald. Heartburn was my nemesis.

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  • Oklahoma City, USA
  • 20 days ago

I think it has to do more with baby's position and what organs in your stomach he is pushing

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