2 years ago

Cant stop overthinking abo it the hospital bag itself (more than the contents!)

Is it crazy to pack a medium sized suitcase and two cabin suitcases for me, baby and partner? Plus my giant pregnancy pillow? I have no idea what’s ‘normal’!
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last year

Yes that is crazy medium size travel suitcase for yourself baby bag for little one make sure babies clothes are in individual bags with labels like newborn or 0-1month on them along with a nappy size 0 and a hat and mittens that way partner can find things easily same as midwives if needed and partner just needs a rucksack and if driving to hospital any extras can be left in the boot as in your suitcase you can also put your snacks as remember the midwives are the ones lugging the bags and suitcases around not you or your partner it's not fair on them to move the house in lol

last year

Hey, I didn’t use half of what I needed for my first born! So as long as you have lots of baby grows and nappies you really don’t need too much else for babes .

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