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Weight loss products?

Hi! Anyone have experience with a weight loss product that TRULY worked? I struggle to lose weight and not even cutting down on certain things and going to the gym 3x a week for 1.5 hours helps. I lost maybe 2 pounds over 3 months. Way too slow for my liking 😭 it’s so hard too😩 I’m willing to try a product but…


How long did it take you to lose your baby weight?

I'm 7 months postpartum, and I haven't lost any of my baby weight yet. If anything, I've gained 5-10 lbs. I'm still pumping, so I know that's going to potentially slow things down a bit, but I'm just curious what other mom's experiences have been?


I feel like shit

I feel like absolute shit. My hair needs colouring. my skin is pasty AF. I’ve put on a ton of weight and look unbearable. I don’t wanna look at myself at all. I’m really really struggling. 😞😞😞 I literally hate everything about myself.


Weight loss

So due to the nausea and vomiting I have lost soooooo much weight. My boyfriend and I are at the ER now looking for some solutions again. I feel like my body is deteriorating right in front of me and there’s nothing I can do about it 🥹 every home remedy, medicine, anything we’ve tried. I just pray today they can…


25 weeks 🎀

My pre-pregnancy weight was 210 I’m 5’8 and the scale says 212 I’m so excited to not gain a ton this time around 🎉


Weight loss at five day old check up

My baby lost some weight at five day old check up. They say it’s normal… but I feel like I’m not feeding enough …. Was this the same for other mamas… when did you notice weight gain ?


Weight Gains

New mum of a 4days old baby and I can literally feel my body gaining weight , it feels uncomfortable I can’t even sleep. My joints hurting , my foots hurting when I stand due to the weight pressure. Please someone tell me I am not alone in this because I am worried something else is wrong with me apart from postpartum.


6 week old sleep

How long did your 6 week old sleep at night? We were waking for feeds and monitoring weight gain due to slow gain and recovering from gastro (3 hour feeds). We are back to demand feeding and just had our first 5 hour sleep. Is this ok?

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