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Giving birth is wild. From contractions to water births, hospital bags to c-sections, here’s what you need to know. Read real stories from real mamas and explore expert advice on what to expect during labor and birth.

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Is 19 weeks too late to change providers?

I’ve been going to the same office that delivered my son but I’ve been seeing red flags everywhere from the moment I got pregnant. I’m trying for a vbac and want to look into a midwife or birthing center.


C-section or natural?

Hey guys! I’m due with twins in May and the doctor told me we should consider c-section. However, with my last two I have had them naturally and if I decide on a c-section it would be my first surgery ever. How is recovery after a c-section? What is recommended before and after a c-section. Please help with any advi...


Our baby girl Ellie has arrived!

Ellie was born on the 21st Jan at 9.42pm, 7.5 pounds. My waters broke at 5.30am that day and I had to be taken to the theatre at around 9.30pm for an episiotomy as she wasn’t in a good position and was stuck in there for many hours. She’s all good now and growing up SO fast! 💕


C section

So after a very traumatic experience with my first, I’m going to ask for an elective C-section. Anyone know when they would do this? My first came at 39. + 2 I’m worrying that they might leave it too late and im going to end up going through the same trauma. Thanks in advance


What summer babys need

Any idea what sort of clothing to pack for babys first day .. I know babys still get cold but July can be quite warm what are you summer baby mums packing for your babys hospital bag.


Citalopram and baby

Anyone been taking Citalopram during pregnancy? Or taking Citalopram during a previous pregnancy? I'm having a c-section on Thursday and I'm worried about the baby having withdrawal symptoms



Getting induced right now at 38+6 due to high flood pressure. Currently 2cm dilated and awaiting the next steps after moving up to Labor and Delivery. So excited and nervous to meet my little bean 💕


Pregnancy pains

Hello lovely ladies! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and baby is kicking and moving a lot right now so all seems good there but I’m having quite a bit of sharp pain on my right side around the same height area as my belly button, every 30 seconds or so a tight twinge that last about a second! Anyone know what this is as i...

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