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Small Femur

I had a 34 week growth scan.. Baby boy weighs 4 pounds 12 oz and is only in the 15th percentile. His femur is in the 3rd percentile and im worried. Any one know why is measures so small? Any one else’s baby like this? Im just scared and concerned! I’ll love him either way❤️


Starting to freak out

On Friday I went to the hospital for my usual midwife checks.. I ended up being there 4 hours. At the start of March I was showing high blood pressure and I had a blood test to determine if I was prone to pre eclampsia (which I am) I was prescribed Labetalol and have been reading normal again until Friday where m...



how do i talk to my ob about referring me to a high risk doctor for the remainder of my pregnancy? i have preexisting conditions that could cause me or the baby harm from prior to pregnancy and now the baby is being treated as an IUGR risk. she is measuring in the 4th percentile. she has been dropping my whole pregn...


Ear piercing for baby

I am looking for recommendations to take my baby girl to get her ears pierced in San Diego.


Nipple piercings/breastfeeding

Has anyone ever had their nipples pierced and then got pregnant and breastfed? I’m debating on getting mine done but don’t know if we will have another baby. Thoughts? Opinions?


Wrong dates?

So I tought I'm 7+1 weeks but today at the early scan I found out I'm 4+3 and only the gestational sac and yolk sac was visible. I have to repeat the scan in 2 weeks to check how things are progressing. I'm still brestfeeding my 8 months old and my cycle was very irregular, maybe I had a late ovulation? If I'm only...


Passing out

I’m not sure what to do. Today I passed out whilst helping my mum serve up a Sunday roast for the family, so fortunately she was there to help me. It also happened about a week ago when I was walking up the stairs, but I realised it was happening so sat down ready. I thought it was just a one off but as it’s ...


Ultrasound dating ahead

Hi everyone, I am 28 weeks + 2 pregnant and had a growth scan today. They took leg, stomach and head measurements. The leg measurement dated the baby at 30 + 6 😳 (his dad is 6ft 4 so not a complete surprise that he has long legs), and the head and stomach measurements dated him at around 29 + 5 I was just…

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