Peanut Terms and Conditions of Use

Hey, welcome to Peanut's Terms and Conditions of Use (these "Terms"). This is a contract between you and Peanut App Limited and we want you to be aware of yours and our rights before you use the Peanut application ("App" or “Peanut”). Please take some time to read these Terms before enjoying the App, because once you access, view or use the App, you will be legally bound by these Terms.

If you have any questions about these Terms or our App, please contact us at:

1. Peanut rules

Before you can use our App, you will need to register for an account ("Account"). In order to create an Account you must:

  1. sign in through your Facebook, Google or Apple account, or by providing your first name, date of birth, and phone number;
  2. be at least 18 years old; and
  3. be legally permitted to use the App in your country.

If you create an Account, you authorize us to access, display and use certain information from your Facebook, Google or Apple account (e.g. profile pictures, relationship status, location and information about Facebook friends, as applicable). For more information about what information we use and how we use it, please check out our Privacy Policy.

You cannot use another user’s Account without her permission.

You cannot create duplicate Peanut accounts in addition to your original account, unless Peanut requests you to do so for technical reasons.

We hope you love the community of women on Peanut, but if you want to leave (sob), you can delete your Account at any time by going to the 'Settings' screen of your Account when you are logged in, and clicking on the 'Deactivate account' link and following the steps shown, or for Facebook, Google or Apple, you can go to the relevant settings page within those services and disallow access by the App. We will save your profile information in case you realise you miss us and you decide to restore your Account; check our Privacy Policy for more information. If you would like Your Content or profile information to be deleted, please contact us at

Peanut App Limited reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate or suspend any Account, or make use of any operational, technological, legal or other means available to enforce the Terms (including without limitation blocking specific IP addresses), at any time without liability and without the need to give you prior notice.

2. Types of content

There are three types of content that you will be able to access on the App:

  1. content that you upload and provide ("Your Content");
  2. content that members provide ("Member Content"); and
  3. content that Peanut App Limited provide ("Our Content").

We don’t allow certain content on Peanut

We want our users to freely communicate on Peanut, but we have to impose restrictions on certain content that:

  • contains language which could be deemed offensive or is likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person;
  • is obscene, pornographic or otherwise may offend human dignity;
  • is abusive, insulting or threatening, or which promotes or encourages racism, sexism, hatred or bigotry;
  • encourages any illegal activity including, without limitation, terrorism, inciting racial hatred or the submission of which in itself constitutes committing a criminal offence;
  • is defamatory or libellous;
  • relates to commercial activities (including, without limitation, sales, competitions and advertising, links to other websites or premium line telephone numbers);
  • involves the transmission of "junk" mail or "spam";
  • contains any spy ware, adware, viruses, corrupt files, worm programmes or other malicious code designed to interrupt, damage or limit the functionality of or disrupt any software, hardware, telecommunications, networks, servers or other equipment, Trojan horse or any other material designed to damage, interfere with, wrongly intercept or expropriate any data or personal information whether from Peanut or otherwise;
  • itself, or the posting of which, infringes any third party's rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights and privacy rights);
  • shows another person which was created or distributed without that person’s consent; and/or
  • breaches the terms of our Community Guidelines.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of content.

To guarantee a safe environment for all, you must also comply with our Community Guidelines, when engaging with the Peanut community section.

We have a moderation team that reviews Your Content and Member Content to ensure that it complies with these Terms. Our moderation tools and team of moderators may remove any of Your Content that they consider breaches our Community Guidelines, restrict or prohibit your access to the App, and/or delete your Account, if in their reasonable opinion, you breach any of the restrictions in these Terms or the Community Guidelines.

Your Content

As Your Content is created by you, you are responsible and liable for Your Content and will indemnify, defend, release, and hold us harmless from any claims made in connection with Your Content.

You may not display any personal contact or banking information on your individual profile page whether in relation to you or any other person (for example, names, home addresses or postcodes, telephone numbers, email addresses, URLs, credit/debit card or other banking details). If you do choose to reveal any personal information about yourself to other users, whether via email or otherwise, it is at your own risk. We encourage you to use the same caution in disclosing details about yourself to third parties online as you would under any other circumstances.

Peanut is a public community, so Your Content will be visible to other users of the App all around the world. Please make sure you are comfortable sharing Your Content before you post it, particularly insofar as it relates to your children. As such, you agree that Your Content may be viewed by other users and any person visiting, participating in or who is sent a link to the App. By uploading Your Content on Peanut, you represent and warrant to us that you have all necessary rights and licences to do so, and automatically grant us a non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual, worldwide licence to use Your Content in any way (including, without limitation, editing, copying, modifying, adapting, translating, reformatting, creating derivative works from, incorporating into other works, advertising, distributing and otherwise making available to the general public Your Content, whether in whole or in part and in any format or medium currently known or developed in the future).

We may assign and/or sub-licence the above licence to our affiliates and successors without any further approval by you.

We have the right to remove, edit, limit or block access to any of Your Content at any time, and we have no obligation to display or review Your Content.

Member Content

Other members of Peanut will also share content via the App. Member Content belongs to the user who posted the content and is stored on our servers and displayed via the App at the direction of the user providing the Member Content.

You do not have any rights in relation to other users' Member Content, and you may only use other Peanut users' personal information to the extent that your use of it matches Peanut's purpose of allowing people to meet one another. You may not use other users' information for commercial purposes, to spam, to harass, or to make unlawful threats. We reserve the right to terminate your Account if you misuse other users' information.

Our Content

The rest of the content on Peanut belongs to us. Any other text, content, graphics, user interfaces, trademarks, logos, sounds, artwork, and other intellectual property appearing on Peanut are owned, controlled or licensed by us and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property law rights. All right, title and interest in and to Our Content remains with us at all times.

We grant you a non-exclusive, limited, personal, non-transferable, revocable, license to access and use Our Content, without the right to sublicense, under the following conditions:

  1. you shall not use, sell, modify, or distribute Our Content except as permitted by the functionality of the App;
  2. you shall not use our name in metatags, keywords and/or hidden text;
  3. you shall not create derivative works from Our Content or commercially exploit Our Content, in whole or in part, in any way; and
  4. you shall use Our Content for lawful purposes only.

We reserve all other rights.

3. Restrictions on the app

We don’t tolerate bad behaviour on Peanut. You can report any abuse or complain about Member Content by contacting us, outlining the abuse and/or complaint. Email us at

We also want our users to respect Peanut. Scraping or replicating any part of the App without our prior consent is expressly prohibited. This includes by any means (automated or otherwise) other than through our currently available, published interfaces - unless you have been specifically allowed to do so in a separate agreement with us.

4. Privacy

For information about how Peanut App Limited collects, uses, and shares your personal data, please check out our Privacy Policy.

5. Third party stores; premium services; in-app purchases

The App may be dependent on and/or interoperate with third-party owned and/or operated platforms and services, e.g., Apple (iTunes, etc.), Google, etc. (each, a “Third Party Platform”) and may require that you be a registered member of such Third Party Platforms and provide certain account credentials and other information in order to access the App. By using the App, you agree to comply with any applicable terms, conditions or requirements promulgated by any provider of a Third Party Platform (e.g., Facebook’s Terms of Use, iTunes Store Terms of Use, etc.).

We may make certain products and/or services available to users of the App in consideration of a subscription fee or other fees (“Premium Services”), including the ability to purchase products, services and enhancements, such as the ability to extend your matches (“In-App Products”). If you choose to use Premium Services or purchase In-App Products, you acknowledge and agree that additional terms may apply to your use of, access to and purchase of such Premium Services and In-App Products, and such additional terms are incorporated herein by reference. You may purchase Premium Services and In-App Products through the following payment methods (each, a “Premium Payment Method”):

  1. making a purchase through the Apple App Store ®, Google Play or other mobile or web application platforms or storefronts authorized by us (each, a “Third Party Store”),
  2. paying with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account, which will be processed by a third party processor, or
  3. adding charges to your mobile carrier bill and remitting payment directly to your carrier.

Once you have requested a Premium Service or In-App Product, you authorize us to charge your chosen Premium Payment Method and your payment is non-refundable. If payment is not received by us from your chosen Premium Payment Method, you agree to promptly pay all amounts due upon demand by us. If you want to cancel or change your Premium Payment Method at any time, you can do so either via the payment settings option under your profile or by contacting your mobile service provider. If your chosen Premium Payment Method is via your mobile service provider, then please check with them about their payment terms, as their payment terms will govern how payments to Peanut App Limited are made as well as how such payments may be changed or cancelled. Your subscription to Peanut App Limited’s Premium Services will automatically renew until you decide to cancel in accordance with such terms. In the event of a conflict between a Third Party Store’s terms and conditions and these Terms, the terms and conditions of the Third Party Store or service provider shall govern and control. We are not responsible and have no liability whatsoever for goods or services you obtain through the Third Party Store, our third party service providers or other web sites or web pages. We encourage you to make whatever investigation you feel necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any online transaction with any of these third parties.

The terms were last updated on: 13 May 2020

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