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The back-to-school season is filled with excitement, new pencils, and, sometimes, anxiety. Explore expert advice and real stories from real mamas on Peanut.

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Help! 🤣

So i have a 2 year old boy called Oliver Joseph, i’m currently 26w with boy/girl twins and starting to feel the pressure to have names picked since i’ll be induced at 37 weeks if they don’t come before then, i’m not a huge fan of old fashioned names or very unusual names but i’m being open-minded, give me name sugge...


Childminder rates for 1year old.

Hi all, those who use childminder full time and have a 1-2 year olds, how much do you pay for week? Do you provide nappies and food. I have almost made a choice for a childminder and trying to see where her rates stand. I respect the fact that it depends on the region and more experienced childminders know the price...


Part-time daycare on the east side

Hi all, Has anyone found a good part time daycare on the east side of town? I’m 37 weeks pregnant and looking for a daycare that will take the baby a few days a week when he’s around 4 months old. So far every daycare we’ve checked only offers full time care (5 days a week). TIA!


Hospital Choice?!

Leeds mums, LGI or St James’? Heard good/bad about both - any advice/stories would be appreciated!


Daycare options

Anyone have good recommendations? Also any that take 12 months plus? I’ve only seen 18 months for some reason.


Sad/happy moment for working mom

My baby started to officially crawl/move forward today for the first time and my nanny sent me a video while I’m at work. I’m glad she recorded him, but I’m also sad/crying that I wasn’t there to see him and congratulate him. Just wanted to share. I wish I could be home with him right now. ❤️


At home daycare

Do any moms in the Palm Bay Area know of any good at home daycare or daycare places in general?



Wishing I can get to know someone so my daughter and I can have a play date 😭 my daughter loves playing with her classmates at school but when she is out of school on the weekend the moms are too busy to have a playdate. What a bummer 🥺

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