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Childcare Recs

Hi everyone! I have been looking for part time childcare, but have struck out so far. Does anyone have any recommends or leads? Much appreciated!! Thank you.


My daughter is 13 months

Hi I'm a 1st time mummy and now expecting my second , my daughter is 13 months and today woke up really off high temp 39.1 very clingy runny noise eyes look red and a little watery and is getting her back tooth through (little can see it half way through the gum) plus one at the front . Could this all be related to ...


Help! 🤣

So i have a 2 year old boy called Oliver Joseph, i’m currently 26w with boy/girl twins and starting to feel the pressure to have names picked since i’ll be induced at 37 weeks if they don’t come before then, i’m not a huge fan of old fashioned names or very unusual names but i’m being open-minded, give me name sugge...


Dairy free diet for baby

Hi everyone! My 14 month old has eczema pretty bad and it’s only getting worse. We’ve seen the GP countless times who just keeps prescribing steroid creams which aren’t working. I’ve always thought from him having severe colic as a newborn that he might have a cows milk allergy but no one agreed with me including do...


Childminder rates for 1year old.

Hi all, those who use childminder full time and have a 1-2 year olds, how much do you pay for week? Do you provide nappies and food. I have almost made a choice for a childminder and trying to see where her rates stand. I respect the fact that it depends on the region and more experienced childminders know the price...


Baby clothing in winters

How do you layer ur baby when u go out for a stroll,,, also the car seat I bought for my 10 months old baby now seem to be small or I might be wrong but how long does the car seat works for the baby ,,,,


Guilt and stress

My 18 months old Is not self eating and picky eating tooo.. am stressed everyday to make her eat and whenever she is not eating I shout at her .. and makes me more stressed and guilty.. why can't I be calm around her like other moms do... I can't do gentle parenting.. someone help meeee


What "rules" did/does everyone have in place for when baby arrives?

What "rules", if any, do you all have regarding family visiting and posting pictures of baby on social media? Me and my partner won't be posting our baby for the first month (will be informing family the same) or having any visitors unless it's very close family. Also absolutely no one kisses baby unless its me and ...


Laundry detergent

Which laundry detergent will you be using for baby clothes ?


Vent post MIL edition

I feel like my MIL is in every aspect of mine and my partners lives. He's Spanish and so I get their culture is alot more family orientated but he let's her almost 3rd parent our baby even when she's not here. When my baby first stood up at 5 months, he had a go at me and said it was dangerous for the baby because h...