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  • over 1 year ago

Teething at 7/8 weeks 😬😬

My LG has started showing very obvious signs of teething! Chewing hands, drooling, flushed cheeks, red&hardened gums ect. I started showing signs of teething at 10 weeks as did all my siblings, so early teething is common in my family. I've ordered her a teething ring and currently put her dummies in the fridge to hope the coldness will help. I want to avoid teething gel/powder ect until as late as possible. Has anyone else has very early teething? If so, any recommendations on helping soothing baby would be amazing. Shes not settling to sleep either :( shes also due her first jabs on Monday which is making me worried shes going to be uncomfortable and upset onto of teething!
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  • over 1 year ago

If you're breastfeeding you can make breast milk ice lollies x

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  • over 1 year ago

Pretty sure my little boy started teething at around 8 weeks, I thought it was too early! The most helpful home remedies I’ve found are to put a wet/damp flannel in the fridge and rub it on their gums once it’s cold, or a dummy in the fridge. I struggled with teething toys as he didn’t hold anything that well, so I used Ashton & Parsons teething gel as you can use it from 3 months I believe. But when she is ready to hold things in her mouth, I highly recommend Matchstick Monkey - it’s the best one we’ve tried for little hands and little mouths! X

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  • over 1 year ago

This happened to us so young. My little girl started teething at 8 weeks, and now at 15 weeks she has 5 teeth come through already. It's tough. I've tried all different shapes and textures of teething toys, and still her go to most of the time is her hand or mine. I occasionally gave calpol when things got really intense, and she just couldn't settle for hours. Like others are saying, I tried the powder, it seems to give some relief, she had that from 13 weeks. I got a sling at 9 weeks and had her in that most the day and the closeness seemed to help her settle faster. When she had her first jabs at 8/9 weeks the nurse could tell she was teething because of all her drooling. But she was fine and just slept more than usual after them. Her second jabs were abit different, but she got through it after a tough 24 hours. Hope you find what works for you. xx

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A clean damp wash cloth in the fridge also works well. Plus if baby is chewing fists you can get mittens with silicone teething ends. I second Ashton and parsons powder. Xx

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I’m a first time mum, my little girl is 2m today. When do they start teething? My little girl is dribbling a like a good’un and chewing her hands as well (I just thought this meant she was hungry) do they get really ratty when teething?

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