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  • over 1 year ago

How to get your 2mo to nap???

She’s 2.5 months old.. some days (seems like twice/week) she will take 4 one hour naps. But most of the time she takes 3 or 4 30 minute naps and wakes up screaming. I’ve tried feeding her right before to get her sleepy, wearing her in a wrap, letting her sleep in the swing, putting her in her stroller and literally pushing it back n forth... it all fails. She won’t sleep past 30 minutes. At night she goes from 730-730 & wakes 3 times. I need tips!! Is it too early to sleep train?
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  • over 1 year ago

I have no suggestions, but what an adorable baby!

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  • over 1 year ago

She is a doll 😍

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  • over 1 year ago

Omg she is the cutest ever!!

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  • over 1 year ago

Omg look at all that hair! So cute. Honestly I don’t think that sounds like a bad nap pattern for that age at all. She might be just a catnapper for a while. My son was the same but eventually (around 6-8m) he started taking some longer naps on his own.

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  • over 1 year ago

What a darling face!

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