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  • 13 days ago

Let's talk Routines

When can i normally start thinking about introducing a routine to my newborn? He is 4 weeks tomorrow and not showing any form of routine with sleeping pattern between feeds etc yet....we are having quantity of feeding issues at the moment! He is always hungry!
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  • 13 days ago

I started at 6 weeks old and he’s in the pattern of it we notice around 8:30pm he starts yawning now so we do feed, bath time, baby massage and bed works amazing he sleeps from 9pm through to 5am he wakes up sometimes for his dummy but that’s it

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  • 9 months ago

We created a routine from the day we came home from hospital and it’s worked really well for us. I don’t think it can be too early to get them used to a bed time routine especially 🥰

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  • 10 months ago

Because I had twins low birth weight I was advised to feed then every three hours including waking them from naps to do so. This was good because we could organise ourselves around their naps etc.they got into this routine very quickly. But they didn't start sleeping through the night until they were 5 months twin 1 and 8 months twin 2. So not sure the routine helped them sleep through the night at all really

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  • 12 months ago

What age were your babies when they started sleeping through? Also I want to start a routine now so was looking for ideas ... and how long it takes to be successful?

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  • about 1 year ago

Just a side note: baby mainly leads routine at this stage so whatever you see works for your lil one.

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