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  • 8 days ago

When did you first leave your baby overnight?

I’m in a bridal party and the bachelorette is in August, which will require a long flight and 2-3 days away from my baby. He’ll be 6 months old then and I’m already having anxiety about it. He’s almost 3 months now. Please tell me it gets a little easier leaving them when they get older? I want to be able to enjoy myself, but I’m afraid I’ll just worry about him the entire time!
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  • 8 days ago

Mine is 18 months and I have no idea when I’ll be comfortable leaving him a somewhere overnight 😩

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  • about 1 month ago

Before I was pregnant I saw my MIL and how amazing she was with her 6 grandkids to my partners sister, PPD began hitting me pretty badly and we started with my MIL staying at my house over night when my LO was 1 week old then again at 2 weeks she done all of his wake ups and let me sleep in, he then done a over nighter at her house when he was 3 weeks and has done more since then (atm he is 3m), I trust her whole heartedly, I checked in with her, I don’t think I can trust anyone else to do a over night stay other than her, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t have the same mindset as all of these other mums commenting saying ‘I could never be away from my baby’ but I need that break, and it’s good to ask for help- don’t suffer and feel overwhelmed in silence, I also love that my baby and his nan are creating such a great bond

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  • 2 months ago

My eldest started staying at my mums for 1 night every other week when she was 5 months old. I didn’t even go anywhere most the time. It just gave me time to myself to pamper myself and relax and simply just turn off. I found it really helped her confidence as now she knows where home is but she gets excited to go to her nans

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  • 3 months ago

2 months old and she was with my sister.

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  • 4 months ago

Think mine was about 1 I can't bear to leave them until then plus I breastfed fully til 6 months plus weaning of so wanted make sure they was fully eating without needing Me and settling at night if u don't feel happy don't do it u don't want to go and just be upset and worrying all night u won't enjoy your time anyway

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