Taylor Terry

Taylor Terry

Peanut Ambassador & SAHM

Taylor is a stay-at-home mom located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s a new-ish mom who spends her days exploring the city and countryside with her boy, Jenson.

When she’s not hosting a book club or kid playdates in the Cincinnati Blue Ash and Beyond Playdate group, she can be found engaging with others on BookTok as @yathatstaylor or rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor with her husband.

Meeting fellow moms in her play date group is one of her highlights of learning to be an amazing mom.

Not doing motherhood alone is a goal she holds dearly, and she shared this enthusiasm with everyone around her by making a welcoming community for new and experienced moms.

Fun Facts about Taylor

  • Traveling is one of her passions, and Jenson has lived in 3 states, visited over 12 states, and 1 country—all before his 3rd birthday
  • Taylor holds a master’s degree in Human and Family Development and uses this to make her group as safe and inclusive as possible!
  • Taylor and Jenson LOVE to explore the outdoors and try to go outside EVERY day

Favorite Peanut Groups:

🥜 Cincinnati Blue Ash and Beyond Play Dates

🥜 Cincinnati

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