When Michelle Kennedy founded Peanut in 2017, she had one goal: to help support women.

Three years later, that mission remains and we see real women, build real connections, and share real stories on Peanut every day.

We want to further those stories by launching a fund that invests in very early-stage businesses; businesses led by women who are mothers, expectant mothers, and those trying to conceive.

We intrinsically understand the pain points of trying to build a business while building a family. We see the invisible labour undertaken by women every day, we see the motherhood tax, and we see how that impacts women’s development into entrepreneurship


Despite companies with female founders performing 63% better than those of their male peers,


only 2.7% of venture capital dollars went towards female-founded companies in 2019.

We’re committed to challenging this bias and facilitating change.

The route to that first cheque is never easy, but with the right help and support from the beginning, we can level the starting line.

What we’re looking for

  • An important mission that solves a problem disproportionately affecting women
  • Founders who are underrepresented in the venture capital market
  • Companies that are pre-seed companies (think of this as the elusive ‘friends and family’ round)

How we can help




We strongly encourage women of colour or those from minority groups to apply.
Download Peanut and stay tuned for the opportunity to pitch using our new feature, Video Chat, and meet our incredible investment committee.