I undertake the practise of refraining from wrongful speech. So saying hurtful things, talking behind someone's back, lieing etc well this morning I had one of those moments where I looked in the mirror and thought erugh I look disgusting and I was wondering if even though I said it in my mind and I was saying it to myself if that counted as wrongful speech? Any thoughts?
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It would wrong thought rather than speech.

Defintely. What a great thing for you to notice and recognize. Idk much about Buddhism or that practice. I follow the 4 agreements by Don miguel ruiz- one is to "be impeccable with your word". He talks very much about that meaning not only gossip, hurtful things, but using the word against your own self as well.

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I dont watch YouTube but I think so!

I'll have to check him out does he have YouTube videos xx

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