Bottle at night?

Ladies do any of your little ones still wake at night for a bottle? I thought by 6 months he would be sleeping through the night or a solid 7 hours. He goes down at 10, up at 1.30/2am for a bottle and back down until 6.30
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Sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. To be honest, we are just going with the flow and she will sleep through when she is ready. I am co-sleeping with her which I find is helping me a lot with the night waking but I was never a big sleeper anyway so it doesn't bother me waking during the night. I am finding that she wakes more these nights for her soother and falls back to sleep before I have time to give her a breastfeed. Have you tried re-settling him or do you go straight to feeding?x I am a member of a local mother and baby group and everyone is saying the same thing; babies waking at night still, sleep regression at various stages etc. There is way too much pressure on parents to make babies fit into our hectic schedule but if you talk to people, you will find lots of people are actually experiencing the same thing. Hang in there. I keep reminding myself that it is for such a short time. It's also better that they are waking for a healthy feed than due to sickness. xx

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I try resettling him first for about 10 minutes. He takes a small bottle, only 4ozs and then nods back off.

My 6 months old boy is waking up every 1-2h and won't settle without a bottle or breastfeeding even if it's just for a sip... So exhausted here 😓

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Oh my god, how are you doing it? Have you got anyone who can help out and take him for a night a week or something? You need to look after yourself too or you will collapse. My boy was like that when he was first born but now it's just once a night and a very odd night ge will wake twice.

He was better as a newborn. Even slept 4-6 hours straight. But since 4 months.. none of it. It's just me and my husband, and he is working so care for the nights. we are from Spain living in Ireland. Just doing it the best I can but it's hard with baby waking up so much..

Aw bless my heart goes out to you. I hope he settles soon. Maybe try co sleeping, if it works then at least your getting some sleep.

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We are besharing since birth. Wouldn't be able to get up and go to hia room, that will def kill me hehe i hope it gets better, for my mental health. Thanks :)

I really hope it does too. Nothing worse than getting little sleep

My little girl is not a great sleeper, we eventually got her sleeping most of the night about 3 weeks ago. This lasted a week maybe (I felt like a new woman) anyway last 2 weeks are totally different, she goes down at 7/7.30 as she is exhausted, she sleeps for maybe 2 hours and wakes, between that and 2am she wakes numerous times and has a bottle some nights, then goes asleep again until 8/9am. Which sounds great but my 2 year old is up at 6.30/7 ! No night is ever the same with this little one 💗🤦‍♀️

My son is the exact same myself and my partner often have to take turns to try settle him back if he doesn’t settle we give him a bottle

My little one is waking up every 2 hours to eat, sometimes even more often😵‍💫 You are not alone mama🥰 I just hope that he will grow out of it eventually.. I believe it’s completely normal, every baby is different.. The same goes for when they start crawling, sitting, walking, talking.. We shouldn’t compare.. They’re so unique ♥️

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