Hi, I have a 16 month old toddler that is very fussy with eating and refuses to self feed I tried everything to get him to eat by himself but he seems to be not interested and gets very angry when I try to put food in his hands or in front of him Any suggestions?
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Thanks so much! I will check it out now 🤞

Look up kids eat in color on Instagram. She is a registered dietician and mum of 2 picky eaters. She is absolutely amazing, great advice and really down to earth. Basically it’s your job to offer food at predictable times and their job to choose how much to eat. They can choose and pressuring them actually makes picky eating worse. Be strict about sitting to eat, no distractions eg toys or iPads and make it clear there is no other food until the next snack/meal. Some weeks my 16 months old eats basically nothing and others she smashed the food. I wouldn’t worry if he is happy and healthy otherwise

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