Terrible Threes

Almost every single day with my 3 year old is a struggle. I am absolutely miserable and it’s starting to make my day to day unbearable. I was so worried about postpartum depression with my second baby (5 months now) but I am certain that it’s just plain depression being fueled by my 3 year old. My partner and I do everything we can to meet my 3 year olds needs. He goes to school twice a week. Family outings at least once a week. His behavior is HORRID and I don’t understand why. My mom says it’s just three. Just him testing boundaries, asserting dominance, all a phase that will pass. I truly don’t care because every day is a battle. I hate that things are this way and what it’s doing to my relationship with my child. Please tell me if you’re experiencing the same?
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You are not alone. 3 is so hard! I think more challenging than 2 in some ways. My daughter turned 3 at the end of January and it has been more of a struggle. She has a lot more attitude. I find days she has 1:1 time to connect with me (full attention)and offering lots of choices vs making them for her, things are better. It is a lot of asserting independence like you mentioned. Taking care of toddlers (and for you a baby too on top of it!) requires so much energy and patience, which usually us tired parents just don’t have enough of. PPD /depression could also make it harder to do what you need for yourself and to be able to manage his “big feelings”. I’m sure he feels the stress with having a new sibling too. It sounds like a big adjustment for all of you.

Thank you so much 💗

My daughter just turned 3. While not everyday is a battle with her it is most days. She is very strong willed and independent and I don’t want to diminish that as she will need it in life but I will say I cry most days out of complete frustration. People say the same to me. It’s just the 3s, things will get better but man I would give anything to have the newborn stage back sometimes. Stay strong momma. It’s not just you

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