Cold or allergies

Baby boy has had a runny nose for the last week. We have gave him cold meds, Tylenol, Vicks, all the stuff we can think off. No fever no cough really seems that's the only thing that's wrong. It could just be the weather or allergies. ANYONE have any suggestions.
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Try allegra baby medicine. We had the same thing going on but Allegra worked! So pretty sure our guy has allergies

Try putting a humidifier in the room. My little has a runny nose, with the cold & warm weather changing daily the warm humidifier helps at night.

We live in south florida and had a really cold day, go down to the 40s, but with the humidity out felt like 30s.. super windy. The following day was warmer and then back to 80s again. My guy had a runny nose for a week. Wasn't cold or allergies, but it was just from the wacky temp changes we have here. But with that being said lol, humidifier, snot sucker, baby Frida vapor on the bottom of his feet, steam shower if you don't have a humidifier.

Tried all thanks y'all. Still sick so the doctor's in the morning. 🥺

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