21 hours ago

Acne outbreak

Anyone have an acne outbreak between 6 weeks-10 weeks. My skin was clear and between 6-10 weeks I broke out so bad and it only gets worse. I’m 10 weeks 2 days, any tips on how ti clear it up or what I can do 😩 I also have very sensitive skin
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13 hours ago

Check Shereene Idriss on YT she has an entire video on pregnancy skincare! She’s my dermatologist here in NYC and board certified :)

14 hours ago

Blume melt acne oil !!! All natural and literally cleared my face in a week

18 hours ago

Omg.. I have a huge pimple in my nose and it is hurting so much. I never had acne as an adult and from 8 to 12 I had some pimples here and there and now this one that hurts af..

20 hours ago

Yes I did my face and even my back broke out so annoying when you can't reach or see your back lol

20 hours ago

Yes under one of my eyes? Like a cluster. Random places on my face, and my chest! Just stay clean and dry. Hormones going cray!

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