18 hours ago

Does everyone lose a mucus plug?

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13 hours ago

I did with my first but I was running down my leg, I didn't notice with my second, but with my third it was mucus and you couldn't miss it as it slapped me in the leg as I was given a VE 🤣

14 hours ago

I didn’t until I was 41 weeks on my first x

17 hours ago

Im on baby number 4 and have never lost my plug, and my first born was just over a month early x

17 hours ago

I lost it multiple times through both my pregnancies as it regenerates, and it was various sizes each time. I've heard it refferred to as mucus plug when it's yellowy, and bloody show when it's blood tinged. After mine was a bloody show my son was born 15 hours later at 35+2. 34 weeks now so can't say how it ended yet lol

18 hours ago

@Ellie (elle) oh don’t worry, it started off just like a yellowey mucous colour and then turned bloody after a few hours x

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