Sleepless nights

Is anyone else struggling to sleep due to night sweats? Currently 12+2 and the last two weeks I wake up in a puddle. Tried opening the windows and sleeping with a light blanket but nothing is working. It’s so uncomfortable and I’m exhausted. 😩
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I was having night sweats and bad morning sickness from around 6-12 weeks and then got better. Now at 14 +2 and feeling better

I was having night sweats too! So out the norm for me. Was horrible! I was really struggling sleeping. I’m 13+3 now and they’ve stopped thankfully. Hopefully they will stop for you too soon! X

@Priya @Rhiannon thank you both so much. Did anything help you manage or did you just have to cope? X

I had terrible night sweats up until about 12 weeks. We were sleeping with the thin summer duvet and I had the bedroom windows open in January weather. My boyfriend was freezing 😅

@Antonia I tried yogurt drink in the evenings and sometimes shower before bed helped me too. I was keeping fruits near bedside and eating them especially watermelons and cucumber

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