17 hours ago

Anyone else experienced this? bit of a long story*

Early weds morning I lost some pink blood when I wiped, took pics of it and showed the dr when I went into maternity unit and he said looks like my show even tho the midwife said it didn’t look like it to her as was not mucusy or anything. He checked my cervix and it was closed but he said can still lose your show through it as there’s still the tiny hole. Since then each day ive had the WORST back ache and period type pains and I’ve been losing parts of the mucus plug/show and then Friday night had quite alot of it mixed with brown discharge. Yesterday morning I had a gush of water come out and was seen last night to be swabbed for amniotic fluids and they said results were negative and cervix is also still closed. Today my period-type pain is worse than ever, it honestly feels like my period is about to start it’s that painful. I then went to the toilet earlier this afternoon and instead of a type of discharge I had a load of brown blood run down into the toilet (sorry tmi). On Wednesday the dr said pink or brown blood is no worry and I’m thinking today is prob due to me having had 2 cervical examinations so close together but it’s not discharge it’s alot of brown fluid.. then ontop of this really bad tummy ache I’m thinking what’s wrong 😩 Anyone else ????
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5 hours ago

Strange! This sounds like how my labour started! And I lost a lot of brown type blood as I was dilating I must say I had all of your symptoms but did not dialate properly for 30 hours so you may very well be in a slow labour

16 hours ago

@Lauren I hope so, honestly with all these things happening the last few days I’m thinking how much more can happen and how much longer will it go on for before labour actually kicks in. The period pain is so so intense 😣😣 but it’s deffo not contractions or anything yet as it’s constant. Ah really that’s so interesting to know! I know I was honestly so shocked it didn’t seem possible that it was negative!😥 I’m 37+5 xxx

16 hours ago

@Laura I think I will deffo call them again in the morning if this pain and the brown fluid persists. I just worry Triage on the phone will say it’s from irritation of the cervix from the swabs etc 😩 xxx

16 hours ago

Omg bless you hun. How frustrating!! The period pain sounds like youl be going into labour soon if it’s as bad as you say! It’s the one thing il always remember when I had my first, it was very intense for 2 days, all night then woke up in labour. As for the gush of fluid yet your test being negative?!?!?! No idea?!?! Can’t imagine how annoying that is! How far are you? Xx

16 hours ago

speak to your adu, i was told by my midwife if i wasnt sure of anything go get checked xx

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