Barn Animal Nursery 🐄 🐑 🐖 🐎

Just wanted to post something I’m proud of! We are doing a barn animal themed nursery for our daughter. So I wanted to be creative and make the art for the walls! Here’s a pic of the watercolor animals that I’ve done so far!! 🎨🖼️🐮 btw if you are interested in prints or anything pls reach out to me. I’m in the process of getting that set up!
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Great job!! Super cute!

Oh I absolutely love that piggy

I’m looking into how to get set up for prints!

This is beautiful! Can you start selling it on Etsy please! I would love to have your artwork. 😊

I’m thinking of continuing and filling a book of animals and do the alphabet! But we will see how much time I have lol!

Love the art looks amazing 🤩

Loving the watercolor! So sweet and delicate for a baby! Well done 🤍

Omg those are amazing I'm so jealous of your talent baby will for sure love those

I already have a mobile but thanks!

Incase if you are looking for name sign or mobile

Beautiful 🤩 I

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