I’ve got a festival this weekend, they say it fine to go but not to stand too close the bands because it will can effect the baby hear in the future. I’m deaf anyway. Anyone else have a festival this year?
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I have an outdoor gig next month and I’m a bit nervous about standing all day/no seats/bad toilets not gonna lie

@CeeCee so glad that’s your biggest worry too! It should be fine but year I drink loads of water so I’ll have to pee so much

I was at a regular concert a few weeks ago and stood and danced the whole time, I felt like I’d pulled a muscle but it did go away by the next day just so you know! xx

I'm working Glastonbury when I'll be 11 weeks... means I'll have to tell the in-laws I'm pregnant as it's their family business and I won't be able to do as many shifts as usual! Fortunately we have pretty good facilities but still dreading the toilets elsewhere on site... xx

I’m going to a shambala at 19-20 weeks. I’m slightly concerned about if I’ll be uncomfortable but I think the it will also be such a lovely experience and lots of other things to do than listen to music

Oh really is this true? I'm going to slam dunk this weekend so I'm also weary now, 😩

@Kate very jealous!! My mum went to gigs and concerts while she was pregnant and me and my brother are completely fine.. in fact mum was 8 months with me at a Meatloaf concert 🤣 as long as you aren't directly in front of a speaker, you'll be fine 😁

@Kate I’m in slam dunk too! Leeds?

@Charlotte that’s awesome!! I think it’s a old wife tail but deafness runs in my family so they will probably be too 🙃

@Rebecca yup, I can't wait 😄

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