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So I told my husband I needed more help with the kids. I'm dealing with anxiety and depression. We live in his parents' basements(very small place) while saying for our home next year. .  He claimed that he can't help out because he is busy and doing a lot around his parents house. Keep in mind he isn't even working.    He claimed he isn't doing much with our kids because he is always cleaning... we got into a big fight about it. He said he would lack somewhere else since I don't appreciate everything he is doing.. keep in mind we both clean our place. I'm always doing the dishes, always cleaning the bathroom he claimed thats not duty to clean the bathroom okay. I asked him what he was cleaning and that he couldn't help me with the kids. His response was that he always cleaning after us... I broke down yesterday from him yelling telling me being depressed isn't his problem I gotta deal with it. I have a toddler and a 4 months old baby. I feel like I have no-one. He started saying that i said he is a bad father. This is horrible.  We haven't talked since yesterday. I wanted to talk about it, but I think he hurt me so deep that I can't seem to start talking to him. This year has being to hard for me in all aspects and for him, who is my best friend to make me feel like that is horrible.
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Oh no I'm so sorry darling this is what yoir going through..some men can be childish idiots and don't see what they have until.its lost he needs to get his act together. Esp coz hesnnot even working. You need the support xx talk to him when you both feel better. Send him videos from a male perspective on the situation x

Sweetheart, you need to make a decision for you and your kids. If things were meant to be, it would be with no force. Things should be genuine, natural, and very organic with no force Queen

@Taura I have no idea. I need to start planning. It's so unfair to me and our kids... 3 months ago he told me that he sees I'm tired and he will try to do more... Now It's a different scenario

I respect that, but my question to you is this..... Say ya'll talk, and both parties understand each other. What are you going to do if you still don't see no change within the next two months??

@Taura exactly. I'm so hurt because this is the person I saw in my future. We are literally getting ready to get our new home next year. I feel like he doesn't take me seriously. I told him I'm dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety he told me just work on it and then telling me how he is also depressed from doing so much at his parents house.. a part of me want to leave our relationship but I have 10% saying to hold on. Eventually we'll talk but as of right now idk what to do

I totally understand!! If he's not working right now and doesn't want to help with the kids, what's the point. You didn't have them alone. He's going to continue to give you excuses and belittle your feelings. You have to ask yourself, is it all worth it?? Is he willing to meet me halfway in this manner?? If he won't meet my halfway, what's your next move. You have to focus on your needs and wants no matter what. Dealing with depression and anxiety isn't healthy if you don't have the support you need hun.

@Taura hi mama, yeah, it's so hard. I don't have family support. I have my mom/she's very old has been in an abuse relationship with my dad for 40plus years. she's always pouring something negative on me, adding to everything I have going on. 🙃 him and I get alone pretty well its just our conflict resolution SUCKS

Blessings, I'm sorry you're going through this, but where's your family/support?? How long has this been going on??

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