I need help and don’t know what to do

It’s never ending… finding drugs (coke) in his wallet or him doing something illegal wise. And him saying it wasn’t there before and I always check cause something is in his wallet illegal wise…I have a ten year old daughter (not biological to the person I am with now), but she has been my rock and everything wise etc with everything. I do have a two year old son with this person. But his dad doesn’t want to grow up and he’s almost 40z I don’t tell my daughter everything, but she sees what is going on wise. Just it’s a constant never ending battle and looking into his wallet and there’s some sort of coke in a baggie etc and wise… really pisses me off. I stopped that shit after having my daughter and now it’s a repeat again. And my daughters dad did the same shit and I left that because I don’t need that in my life. I’m tired of this constant circle of bad shit happening, and need some advice and help please. Please any advice with this would be wonderful.
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Lori! Reach out to Kaitlin Jorgensen on Instagram or through her website

Kaitlyn is the beat resource I have found who can get ready to protect you children in front of police and court officials

@Darina (new) is this her? kaitlyn.jorgensen

@Lori https://instagram.com/kaitlyn.jorgensen?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Good luck lori!

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