How organised is everyone

I’m 32 weeks I haven’t packed my hospital bag yet but have most things for it. No cat seat/pushchair. Not organised any of baby clothes 🥲 btw can someone recommend me some good travel systems around the 300/400 mark x
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Hey don't worry I've literally only just started sorting it all out, you are not alone in this 😂 I've bought this, found it a really good price

We got ours from mybabiie 😊

My bag is 80% packed but aside from that - we have everything we need for baby but it's all just piled up in boxes around the house, nursery isn't anywhere near done yet, clothes aren't washed yet - I'm 33 weeks tomorrow x

I got the ickle bubba stomp v3 for under £400 xx

@Jacelyn me to and it’s amazing!!! We're getting this one 😍 but my bag is nowhere near started havent washed any clothes or anything as We're waiting for bigger house aswell I've one room only and it's all pilled in corner of my bedroom 😪 I feel soo stressed cause of that sometimes I'm 32+5 today😳

My baby bag is packed, I'm buying the last bits for my hospital bag today so that can be packed this weekend. I'm halfway through washing all of her clothes. I think we have everything else we need for her, apart from the baby bath, but I'm one of those people that HAVE to be organised. It stresses me out otherwise. We bought a Joie travel system, we got a huge bungle at the baby show in London so was more around the £800 mark, but they're really reasonable and you could probably get a travel system for 300-400 x

I've had random bits in it for a few weeks but that's just coz I've ran out of things to do in the house 😂 I'm just using a small suitcase to put mine and the baby's stuff in x

@Jacelyn I've got the same one but got it from someone that lives near by for £150 it's perfect no marks or anything

@Claudia omg I’m in the same boat as you. I’d have everything ready by now but we’re literally most likely moving to a bigger place so no point even starting anything here. I’m 32 weeks too x however I wanna get my hospital bag all sorted by this week

Crap! I have zero packed and I don’t even have half of what I need in!! I don’t know why I’ve been so laid back about this, reading these comments makes me realise I really should sort my 💩 out!

@Caroline honestly just get most of it from Amazon it’s all there especially post natal stuff

@Lox I’m literally on Amazon this second! Wow I have so much to get, anyone would think I’m behaving like I’m 12 weeks not 32 😂

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