Toddler Shoe Suggestions

My toddler has been having some troubles with his feet. He’s complaining of foot pain, and some family suggested that he might have flat feet so we took him to a podiatrist to get his feet checked out. The podiatrist said he isn’t overly concerned about his feet yet, but said he needs to be wearing shoes all the time (especially indoors). He said this because my toddler tends to walk on his tip toes often, and apparently that can cause major issues with his feet and leg development. My problem is I can not get him to keep shoes on to save my life! It is a constant struggle all day long, putting his shoes on over and over again, just for him to take them off not even 5 mins later. We’ve tried various kinds of shoes, but I’m wondering if anyone has had the same experiences? And if anyone has a suggestion for a type/brand of shoes that works and he may not be opposed to? Thanks!
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Not cheap but (the Canadian site) has great toddler shoes, and they’re fun. We let our toddler pick… from the sale section, and she LOVES wearing her shoes

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