Mucus plug

I’m only 34 weeks and noticed a part of my mucus plug has came away I know it can grow back so I’m not to worried but do I still need to notify hospital or someone about it since it’s before 37 weeks? I’ve never lost mucus plug till around 38 weeks with my other children so unsure why it’s so early this time. It was just all clear jelly and no blood so I know I’m okay and labour isn’t near.
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Monitor the cramps if you think your in labour time how long the cramps last and the time in between them x

@Gemma there was no blood, his movements seem okay but I’ve never had a set pattern. I’ve got tons of cramping now tho like dull period cramps x

As long as there's no blood and babies movements are all good you don't need to inform anyone but if there's a change in movements or blood then phone up

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