tubes in ears

has anyone had their child have tubes in their ears? my son needs them due to constant ear infections and i’m scared 😭
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Yep - mine has it - he got them when he turned one and it was legit a 10 minute procedure - very quick. Only hard part is when they come out of anesthesia it’s kind of scary for them - so he took a long nap lol

I had tubes several times but I still get constant ear infections due to severe allergies and producing more ear wax than usual

I had to have tubes put in my son's ears a couple of months ago. It was super quick and while him coming out of anesthesia was rough just because he was crying a lot he actually settled down quickly for me and drank his whole bottle then slept the whole way home. (We had to go about 2 hours away to a hospital that had a pediatric ent for my son.) He was his happy self after he woke up from that nap and it has been life changing for us!! My son didn't pass his newborn hearing test due to fluid in the inner ear so they were going to put tubes in back in November, but after they had him under anesthesia they cleaned out his ears and said there was no fluid present so sent him home without tubes. Well then he started having ear infections...we had 5 before I called and demanded that they do the tubes and I wish they had just done the tubes the first time. Sorry that got long but while it is scary it was so worth it for us! My sister has also had 2 kids that needed tubes and had a similar experience.

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