Pelvic pressure

Hi so I’m 19wks + 4 days and I’ve got extreme pressure on my bladder area to the point I can’t even wear pj’s around my waist because it’s so intense. It’s just a constant pushing sensation and has been the same for around 4 / 5 days now. It’s definitely not a water infection as I’ve just been checked for that. I was told I had a low lying placenta so maybe it’s the pressure of that and baby, however I thought it would go away at some point but it’s constant. Has anyone else had this? It’s super uncomfortable
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Hey, I’m 16 weeks + 2 days and I’ve also experienced pelvic pressure particularly in the last few days when I’m walking around!

Yes! Never had this with my 1st baby, no idea what it could be. Hopefully you find answers soon lovely !! X

@Kate Grainey ok I’m glad it’s not just me! It’s super uncomfortable isn’t it!!

Hey! Im sorry I'm no help but following along as im the exact same! Im 21wks + 6 days x

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