Devotional Meet Up 📖✨

Hey ladies, I would love to curate a meet up amognst other women who are in their bible or simply wanting to fellowship with others thru devotion. We can find a cute meet up spot and pour into one another, share and just get all the feels. Looking to do this September 30th. Meet up & Time will be determined based on everyone’s location/ availability. Babies are more than welcome 🙏🏾
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Hey everyone, I have messaged you all with all the details for Saturday. Plan to have refreshments, simple set up! Im an event planner so this is right up my alley lol. @Miyoka @Italia @Melvina @Bosh @Jo ❤️ and everyone who hearted the post

@Italia will be praying for you on your journey 🫶🏾

@Bosh kids are welcome.

@Miyoka i was thinking about 2pm.

Hey everyone, im currently looking up some coffee shops, intimate spaces that seat about 10 of us. I will let you all know something by tonight. 🫶🏾✨

Definitely would love to join, I’m in my trying to conceive stage but I could use a good fellowship

I'm interested! Are kids going to be welcome? I currently have no babysitter...

Hey Kenya! About what time are you thinking?

Yes I want in🙌🏾🙌🏾 need this energy

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