Dog mum guilt?

Any FTM that have fur babies feeling guilty at not being able to give them the same amount of attention the before baby came? I feel so bad i dont get chance to spoil my fur baby as much, hes a good boy and not being over baring and hes so good with the baby i just cant wait till shes old so they can play 🥺
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Yes 100% I cry just looking at him watching me with the baby on the other side of the stairgate. I’ve had a c section too so can’t even play with him or walk him like I could 😪😪😪

Yes I 100% have this. The start was by far the worst, I had a c-section and so she kept her distance for a while which was very upsetting. Our dog walker comes every week day but I can tell she comes back and just wants mums attention. Thankfully after those walks she’s tired and so she’s happy with a cuddle on the sofa when LO is down but we definitely don’t get the same time out walking etc together. I hope over time it gets easier and I can pick back up some of the walks x

Same!!! I have a 3 month old, and a 2yr old lab. He is such a good dog, just so sad he doesn’t get the right amount of walkies. Its soooo hard to hold him, have baby in carrier and pick up poops. I just don’t feel safe, but if I don’t do it he does t always get his walk and he won’t poop in the garden 🙈 poor boy.

Yep!! We are lucky enough to be able to afford a dog sitter once a week where he goes and plays with his friends and that helps ease my guilt but it’s still awful. X

@Rachel I'm lucky that my husband can take him out when he get home from work, he's only 19 months old so has too much energy to not go out for exercise unfortunately. Plus he fully sulks when he hasn't been out which adds to my mum guilt 😅

@Hester i miss out on most walks cos im on my own and even when i was pregnant i struggled going far cos i had severe polyhydramnios i try and take him out at least 1 good long walk but when it rains he hates going out so we just cuddle on sofa all of us lol

I spent 45 minutes this morning trying to get my daughter to settle enough to go into her sling so I could take our staffie out but she wasn't having any of it 😒 I felt so guilty as it meant he missed out on his morning walk

At least I'm not alone, i have a little shihtzu and hes 2 so hes still young and ive kept him included getting him familiar with her room and toys etc before she was born and to be fair hes really good with her he doesnt take attention from her even when im playing with her hell get his toys and join in bless him, i just feel bad so each night when shes gone down for bed i have snuggles with him and cuddles in bed as well cos he's still my baby as well 😊

It is awful in the early days but it will pass. It gets much easier to give them more attention when baby is a little older. My 1st baby who recently turned 2 loves our dogs and has done since he was around 18 months. He's always shouting them, he strokes them and throws their toys. It's tough but they are going to have another little human friend that will pour attention onto them.

I so feel this too 😥

Yes 100%!! It’s an awful feeling isn’t it 😢

100% 🥺

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