Does the parent who makes more money get custody of baby I'm case a split?

My mom is making me worried because I make disability income and baby's dad makes more money than me. She told me that the Canadian law is such that if something happened and we split, then he will be awarded the baby. Is this true? Just because I have a disability and make very little income doesn't mean I can't take care of my own baby. I work so hard at it. Please inform me of the reality of all this
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It doesn’t matter who makes more money. If you’re married and split he would have to give you spousal support for a period of timeand child support. As long as you’re a fit parent I think the courts are more inclined to award custody to mom.

It doesn't make a difference who makes more money. You both can agree on a custody schedule of 50/50 or whatever in your separation agreement. It doesn't have to come to a trial unless both parties don't agree. But you can do mediation and stuff before. A judge only makes a decision if the 2 parties can't reach a mutual agreement. Definitely start by getting a lawyer. They will help you better understand your rights.

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